electricity projects

205 km

of electrics cables



Electrical installations

Marine side :

We offer a complete solution in marine electricity, from power production
to final equipment through the management and storage of energy on board.

We work on average ships and superyachts, on work boat and as well on military vessels.

Thanks to partnerships developed over the years with lot of suppliers
and notorious brands of the maritime domain, we can offer you a complete service of sales with serious after sales service.

Land side :

We work on all specific security systems, control and monitoring systems,
industrial or domestic automations.

You have a specific request? Be aware that any problem has its solution. We offer adapted and custom advices.

Design and diagrams

Our design office offer the full development of power balance, power plans for your installation, and block boundary plan. We work with the controls and certifications agencies to guarantee electrical installations with latest and current standards.

Power generation

We offer a wide range of energy generation systems to meet all your needs. Generator, alternator, connection to the electricity distribution network with a traditional system or solar panel, wind turbine and hydro generator for renewable energy respecting the environment.

Energy storage

Several battery technologies are now available on the market which is constantly changing: gel batteries, lead batteries, lithium batteries… We help you to make the right choice according to your needs and specifications of your installation.

Automation and monitoring

Each automation system is specific to its installation and to the need of the user. We establish a personalized design based on a specification that we can establish together in order to facilitate the use and security of your system. We develop solutions from monitoring on vessel’s board to the production chain automation.

Electrical distribution

We produce electric panels adapted to your request, waterproof with IP standard, CEM, etc. As well as the complete power distribution to the various parts of your installation.

Purchase and luminaire installation

Armed with our experience in the field of LED lighting, we can offer a wide range of products and shapes harmonises with your interior installation, outdoor and underwater.

Fire detection installation

To meet safety standards or certification requirements, we offer a full range of tailored product.

Intrusion Detection Systeme (IDS) and acces control installation

We offer adapted solutions in order to guarantee integrity and security of people and property.

Pool - water treatment with electrical ionisation

We are developing in partnership with the designer an innovative pool water treatment with électrical ionisation. The “CLORION” system is destinated for all privates and professionals big pools.

The process


Customer needs and specifications


Technical and financial proposal


Design and electrical diagrams


Realization of the electrical project


Tests and certifications

Our partners in the electrical field

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