Elecsee is a member of Riviera Yachting Network

membre Riviera Yachting Network 2016
elecsee member of riviera yachting network

Elecsee is now a member of Riviera Yachting Network, the cluster of yachting and merchant navy industry companies.

Created in 2000, Riviera Yachting Network is a reunion of companies which are acting in  marine fields all around the French Riviera. At the origin, it was shipping industries, and then, specified due to the panel of members of the merchant navy industry. Its purpose, beyond run all the member companies together, to interface between its members and the institutional world. Riviera Yachting Network today is a significant cluster of refit companies in France.

Some dates:
2000: Birth of Riviera Yachting Network
2005: certified by the French government of “Local Productive System”
2007: “Regional Cluster for Innovation and Economic Development Solidarity” (PRIDES)
2011: named “cluster of companies”

2016: Elecsee membership

Therefore Elecsee gain more importance.

See the website: http://riviera-yachting-network.fr/en/categorie/maintenance/elecsee